Thursday, January 29, 2009

We are all here! In Brazil. Galen and I spent 24hrs. traveling by car, by plane, by three different kinds of buses and now we are here at LUME. We will be attending a class by Jesse - I believe it is called Acting for the performer II. We are not supposed to try and schedule anything after the workshop since we are supposed to be exhausted by the end. 

The area is beautiful, full of life, green, and fresh air.

It is a by a miracle that I am even here today. I spent the last hour before I was supposed to head to the airport waiting for the FedEx person to deliver my VISA. I was supposed to get it that morning before I headed out at 2pm but he delivered it to the wrong place. I then get to the airport and discover that my plane flight is canceled. However Galen happened to run into me and he urge them to transfer my ticket to his airline. 



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