Thursday, February 5, 2009

Agua de Coco

This is indeed a large coconut with a straw in it.  Delicious and refreshing - Agua de Coco.  And that skeptical look on my face you see is not because the nourishing refreshment of the agua is not a pleasure.  It's because Noah is interrupting my pleasure.

The tropical fruits available are amazing.  The workshop is also very good, but seriously the fruit is a wonder - especially after a couple of weeks in New York Mills where despite best efforts the fruit selection is limited do to extreme cold and harsh conditions that just don't exist here.  It seems to almost never get below freezing in Brazil - especially not here.  

We've also been blessed with amazing rain showers almost every day.  They pound down for 20 minutes or so, and the past two days they rain has poured while the sun still shines.  The smell after one of these sun showers is pure earthy clean.  I will drink another agua de coco to that!


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