Sunday, February 22, 2009

And then two more were in Rio

Noah and I just arrived in Rio de Janeiro. We marched around with the bands this morning and then chased a crowded and dirty bloco in Jardim Botanico where our host Diana lives. She's our friend from Lume, an actress in Rio, and one of the early birds of the carnaval. Today she woke us at 6:30 and we arrived to almost entirely empty streets.

There will be pictures in the future when I can get internet access on my computer. On friday, Megan, Noah, and I participated in a great parade/exchange with Lume. Similar to a Bloco in some ways, it was a parade between theaters in Barao Gerlado. It was excellent, and there are a number of nice pictures that Mr. Jon Ferguson took. This was followed by the most amazing Samba band. About 12 drumers and a number of other musicians. I was about to go out for food when the drums beat together and I was physically compelled to the dance floor! It touches you in belly, on the souls of your feet, and most in your heart.


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