Thursday, February 5, 2009

You might notice that on most of these blogs we have not talked about the workshops we are taking! The reason being is that one of the class rules is that we are not supposed to comment on the class until the workshop is over. This Sunday is that last day of the Technical Training for the Actor II. Only at this point can we comment on our experience with that class. We will then have four days to do anything we want and then take Energy to Action with Naomi. 

Every night since Monday there has been demonstrations and presentations (mostly in Portuguese which has been a big difficult for us English speakers. We are the only foreigners here taking LUME workshops that I am aware of right now. There was supposed to be another American here but for some reason she didn't come. 

The people we/I have encountered have been truly gracious and accepting of our lack of Portuguese language. Basically everyone in our class speaks some English and are very helpful and giving of their time and friendship especially outside of class when we are talking with non-english speakers. 

The photos attached is the opening of the teatro festival. It was a German and English group named Gob Squad - the piece entitled Super Night Shot. The work came to Minneapolis through the Walker Art Center last year I believe. Galen out of the four of us saw it. 

The other photo is of Casa Sao Jorge - which is a Samba club that I have been to three times this week:) I love the Samba. This is the after party for the festival. 


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