Tuesday, February 10, 2009

from one of the largest cities on the planet...


Well, I've been here in Brazil since January 28th, and it's the 10th today, so I suppose that makes it 14 days. Two weeks. Time is flying. Brazil is a beautiful country. People are friendly and helpful and always willing to try to understand my broken Portuguese. Which is nice because I really stumble thru it. We've finished our 1st class. "technical training for the actor II" on Sunday. It was an amazing experience. In essence, it was actor training in the methodology of how Lume creates work. The type of lessons, the professor's insights and all the participants pushing themselves further and further each day was inspiring and unforgettable. Our next class begins on Friday. It is called, "from Energy to Action" I think it will be very rigorous. The professor is an amazing performer herself and I think she will pass on her excitement and commitment to us. In the mean time, Galen and I are in Sao Paulo. Yesterday we explored the city a bit. It is surprisingly clean, green and easy to navigate. There was a law passed recently that required all billboards be taken down. it really is noticible how the beauty of the city comes out when the clutter of signs are removed. Today we are going to cach a bus and travel to a small town on the beach called Itamambuca near Parati. And if we don't make it today, we'll go tomorrow. We are supposed to catch the noon bus and it is already after ten. We move kind of slow. It must be all the yucca.

I am slowly learning portuguese and even hired a woman to teach me one on one. It is a difficult language, but I feel like I'm gettng better at it and most important more confident and comfortable. Besides, if I can't communicate with language, I mime it, or act it out. That usually works too. And it's entertaining to watch a really tall and very pale gringo acting silly.

Well, I need to get going, the cidade awaits.


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