Monday, February 2, 2009

yesterday's wall, today's flow

So if you read the end of yesterday's post, you probably already got the gist of why I hit the wall yesterday.  The only thing I left out was the fact that most sidewalks in Barao Geraldo either slope at a precarious 30-45-degree angle, or they stop suddenly with various weeds (my mom commented that most of the weeds here would make lovely houseplants at home), construction projects or simply the decision that no sidewalk was needed for that stretch of the road.  That made the walk home with Thomas's stroller and thirteen tons of groceries in flimsy plastic bags even more difficult and frustrating.  I loudly complained to mom that "this is hell," not realizing until too late that I was right in front of a packed church with its doors open.

Today, however, was much MUCH better.  We took a slow and lazy morning, introduced Pedro to French Toast and then napped with Thomas.  After waking, I made lunch and then headed up to LUME for the day's class.  Another excellent one, barely interrupted by the massive rainstorm that caused the workspace's roof to spring a few leaks.  Then... mom and Thomas joined us at LUME for a spaghetti dinner (I don't know how they spell it, but Brazilians pronounce it as spaghettch, which I think is perfect).  The evening's entertainment was the premiere party of LUME's new DVD box set -- Thomas was completely enraptured with the music.  It wasn't samba, but something like it -- I can't remember what Jesser said it was -- but it had flute, guitar, a little ukelele-looking instrument, very intricate tambourine work, and a vocalist.  Beautiful.  A want it for my ring tone.

And now, back home, ready for tomorrow.  I hope you don't tire of reading my accounts in the blog.  I think I'm the only LAS-er with easy wireless access.

And yes, I'll try to find a digital camera!

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